Love Notes...


Sophia C.

I remember the first time I saw “Fancy Like” it took my breath away and I just knew I had to have it for my home. There was something about the colors and the flowers that just made smile, it truly makes me happy just looking at it. I think that’s when I became hooked with your paintings. I currently have six of your paintings in the entry and living room of my home and two more in my office. I just love staring at them and I’m completely fascinated with the colors, brushstrokes and just the way they speak to me.


Suanne E.

I LOVE that you are still part of my EVERYDAY by having your artwork in my home & that I got to brighten up my girlfriends home office too with the Mini's !!


Kelly H.

I met Teriegh over 20 years ago. Through this time I have seen her purpose and passion in everything she has set her mind to. It has been motivating and inspiring watching her grow as an artist. As someone, who also loves to paint, she has inspired me to pick it up again after many dormant years. Her painting hangs in my living room and I am amazed how it is unique yet beautiful. I told her the colors I wanted and it turned out amazing. It’s definitely a beautiful addition. I can’t wait to see her grow not just as an artist but personally.


Lanee E.

There are a hand full of things in this world that can always lift my spirit, Teriegh’s art is definitely one of them. Each time I walk past one of her paintings in my house it makes me smile. Teriegh pursues joy in her life and hers certainly comes through in her art. It’s the joy in her paintings that speaks to me the most.


Nancy C.

I had been looking at Teriegh’s work for a while but the gold and pink tones were everything I wanted! Pink and gold inspire love and connection to me. My piece is hanging in my yoga studio, the business and community space I built from a feeling and concept. This art piece reflects that and makes me so happy every day. Just like Teriegh wanted, her art brings joy!


Patricia B.

I fell in love with Teriegh's art pieces and asked her if she could do one in black and white for me. It is beautiful. Then later she did 6x6 art pieces that were amazing so I purchased four of them. One that I gave to my co-worker hangs on the wall by her desk!! Teriegh's art always speaks to me as I see pieces that bring joy, happiness, surprises of what and how Teriegh uses her talent.


Sally M.

When I look at my painting, I see depth and energy. The abstract nature, yet definition and purposeful lines resonates with my personality as that is how I function.


Christina D.

I instantly fell in love with "Two Worlds Collide" at first sight. The colors were what resonated with me most at first. Not just because those colors are highlighted throughout my house, but because it reminded me of my most prized worship flags that I had designed after a dream I had. I got the same feeling of excitement and goose bumps. When I envisioned those pieces hanging in my home, not only is it a conversation piece, but it gets to welcome those into my home with all that makes a home special - beauty, love, and dreams coming true. "Two Worlds Collide" is beyond special because a beautiful friend dreamed it to be by faith, and it incapsulated what I love about God, and admire about her - they both dared to create!


Catharine H.

Teriegh's art speaks to me with whimsical joy & encouragement. I chose to collaborate with her on a custom piece for our home to represent our family, the journey we have been on and the love that sustains us, which she captured perfectly. I love that her art adds not only beauty and dimension to my home but is also inspiring to look at.